Constitutional Office and Statewide Campaigns

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson (CA)
Governor Tim Kaine (VA)
Governor Deval Patrick (MA)
Governor Jeanne Shaheen (NH)
Governor John Baldacci (ME)
Governor Ted Kulongoski (OR)
Governor Jim McGreevey (NJ)
Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer (VA)
Lieutenant Governor Gail Schoettler (CO)
Committee for Ranked Choice Voting (ME)
Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell (CA)
Yes on Proposition 29 – Cigarette Tax for Cancer Research (CA)
No on Proposition 77 – Redistricting (CA)
Yes on Prop 45 – Legislative Term Limits (CA)
No on Proposition 226 (CA)
Governor Jim Guy Tucker (AR)
Joseph Kohn for Attorney General (PA)
Rose McKinney-James for Lieutenant Governor (NV)
Bruce Douglas for Governor (OH)
John Garamendi for Governor (CA)
Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis (CA)
State Senator David Roberti for Treasurer (CA)
Art Torres for Insurance Commissioner (CA)
Tony Miller for Secretary of State (CA)
Cutler for Maine (ME)
Attorney General Robert Abrams (NY)
Alliance for a Better Minnesota