Political Campaigns

Accurate, timely research is essential to the success of every political campaign. We work with our clients to incorporate our findings into every element of their campaign: polling, fundraising, overall strategy and communications, defining the opposition through paid and earned media and rapid response and damage control efforts.

We provide a full range of research services to meet our clients’ needs, including production of polling memos; issue-specific research and candidate vulnerability memos and reports; defensive due diligence; and rapid-response support.

We produce research with campaign strategy in mind. For example, while developing a case against an opponent we will always consider their likely defense and responses. We also put a subject’s vulnerabilities in the context of their overall record: one bad vote out of a thousand is rarely a “silver bullet,” and attacks based on incomplete research can backfire with devastating results. It is imperative to both show a pattern of actions and know the range of possible responses.

Whether it’s delivering an attack or responding to one, our research allows our clients to be fast, hard-hitting and – above all – confident in the accuracy of their statements.